Yesterday (23/05/22) was an incredible day on the high seas for some of our pupils as they went on the Jlie Brise, Daunteys School’s Gaff Rigged Pilot Cutter.

Jolie Brise High Seas FSM Trip

Jolie Brise High Seas Experience

From the start to the end, the FSM pupils were grinning from ear to ear.

Thank you so much to everyone on the Jolie Brise and at Daunstey’s school.

Aboard the Jolie Brise, they raised the sails, climbed up to the crows’ nest, learned what it was to be at sea and, importantly, read the conditions.

This was undoubtedly an experience none will ever forget.

Find out more about this incredible Cutter here.


See some of the photographs here.

The Video


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